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The 2014 News  !



the campsite acquired new games in the spring of 2014 for big and small alike :

Installation of a 4.20m diameter Trampoline for grown-ups or kids aged 6 and above.


Installation of soccer goals


Bedding renovation : follow_up

This year all the mobile-homes mattrasses will be replaced by brand new ones !

Improved bedding in cottages and apartments :

Previously our bedframes had between 12 and 20 slats, now all have 20 slats. The most tired of our mattrasses will also be changed .

Change of WIFI system

Switched operator and system 100% redone for better coverage and more flexibility in the packages on offer.

Hundreds of new flowers at camping des bains:

2 palm trees, 2 rhododendrons, 1 cupressocyparis , 27 euphorbes of 3 différent types (hoping the moles will run away in disgust), 40 odd bulbs of tulips and hyacinths, 3 hortensias , 6 lavanders , un laurel prunus, about 15 cassissiers et groseillers à fleurs (offered by our neighbor Nicolas Luneau) , 50 pensées , 2 incarvillea delavayi, 5 commelina coelestis, 10 ornithogalum thyrsoides , 10 tigridia and numerous grafts of corètes du japon, forsythias, etc

news 2014
news 2014
news 2014

Complete refurbishing and white painting of the service barn

news 2014

Complete refurbishing of the roof and painting in blue of the swimming pool chalet

news 2014

Acquisition of a new swimming pool hoovering robot

news 2014

Securing the bottom of the waterslide in case of kids falling form the ladder

news 2014

Replacement of the flats 1 et 2’s fanlights by Velux

news 2014
news 2014

Replacement of the kiddie pool’s liner

news 2014

Acquisition of new sun loungers

news 2014

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