news 2019 DE

The 2019 news


0/Ground Stabilization of 9 Campervan pitches :

(The number zero is used here because this work was actually done in the summer of 2018 after the publication of the 2018 News

We chose 9 pitches simultaneouly close to the sanitary facilities and with a clear horizon towards the Astra satellite for the TV reception, and we created 2 gravel rails so that the Campervans can not get bogged down when the weather is wet

stabilized pitches for campervans

stabilized pitches for campervans

stabilized pitches for campervans










In the alley of pitches 10 to 17, 4 trees have been significantly shortened to improve the Astra signal reception.




1/Preparation for the implementation of new Mobile Homes

Creation of networks (drinking water and sewerage) for potentially 10 mobile homes in the medium term

eau potable

station relevage station relevage



2 / Renovation of the Sanitary Block No.1:

Not yet perfectly defined but it should change quite a bit before this coming summer! </ p>

Bloc WC
Bloc WC
Bloc WC

3/Campsite’s entrance Decoration : installation of flags of European countries on five 4.5 meters high masts at the entrance of the campsite, we took the opportunity to remove the wooden cart that was behind the yellow mailbox on the street.



Rather a great visual success for both the campsite and the village!


4 / Installation of new Ikea sofas in 17 of our 19 cottages, these benches unfold into an 120cm wide extra bed of , good for 2 young children for example

We added 2 pretty (well, we think so anyway) yellow cushions.


clic-clac 120












5/Installation of „Brise-Bise“ veil curtains on the frontdoors of the cottages

More privacy in our living rooms

news 2018










6 / We also replaced all the heaters of the masterbedrooms (the ones with a big bed) of our 19 lodgings by Radiators with liquid inertia for a more pleasant and less expensive heating

news 2019










7/Entrance roundabout decorated by giant cedar stump

cedar stump
cedar stump




8/“Plechage“ of a hedge behind garbage cans to replace a torn green canvas

NB: Plechage is an ancient traditional technique of braiding hedges widespread in the Morvan

haie plechée






9/Installation of gutters around the awning and total reconstruction of the wooden floor (for our dancers)


plancher danse

plancher danse





10/Reconstruction of the wooden bridge (which threatened to collapse)


pont en bois

pont en bois


11/Erection of stone benches for pétanque players:

bancs boulistes



12/Decoration/Comfort (more ) : installation of synthetic grass at the entrance of the pool compound and around the access steps to the big basin


bons CAF







13/Decoration (continued): change of flooring at the grocery store






14/Decoration (cont’d): change of deteriorated pitches numbers deteriorated


we gave up painting on wood and we opted for indelible marker on sandwich panels

numéros emplacements

emplacement 216

le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf *** le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf *** le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf

agréé vacaf

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