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Castle St Aubin sur LoireSt Aubin sur Loire Castle (47 Km)

Perfect example of the neoclassical style, the castle of Saint Aubin sur Loire, in the heart of lush greenery and water, will surprise you with a bold contrast between a main building in white stones covered with slates and huge commons in brick and tiles pierced by a huge arch. With restoration campaigns undertaken since 1999, Saint Aubin gradually found its original beauty. Come and discover this magnificent heritage of the eighteenth century in a commented tour of fifteen rooms furnished in the style of the times (owners living quarters , world of domestic kitchens …). Enjoy a stroll through the gardens (fenced, fountains and basins) and find out about the crafts involved in the renovation through various permanent exhibitions.

Château de St Aubin sur Loire website.

Chateau d'AvrillyChâteau d’Avrilly (65 Km)

Magnificent XVth century castle . NEAR CHATEAU DU RIAU (4km)

Château d’Avrilly’s website


Château du RiauChâteau du Riau (69 Km)

The castle dates from the XVth century , the commons from the XVIth & XVIIth .The set is surrounded by a moat.
Away from the castle and outside the enclosure formed by the moats, the “Grange aux dîmes” is a remarkable building with its half-timbered façades filled with polychrome bricks. NEAR CHATEAU D’AVRILLY (4km)

Château du Riau’s website.


Chantier médiéval de GuédelonMedieval construction site of Guédelon (111 Km)

Guédelon is a scientific, historical, educational,construction site. Fifty workers are facing an extraordinary challenge: build a castle today using the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages. In the middle of a natural area that provides all the raw materials necessary for the construction : stone, wood, earth, sand, clay … quarrymen, stonecutters, masons, woodcutters, carpenters, blacksmiths, tile makers, carters, weavers … build day after day a real castle in front of thousands of visitors. The major advantage of such an adventure lies in the observation of different phases of work. Each stage of construction is unique and is an event in itself. This project, started in 1997, is expected to last about 25 years.

Guédelon Website.


Castle of PRYECastle of PRYE (50 Km)

Prye’s history dates back to the tenth century. In the Middle Ages a fortress called Firmitius gave its name to the village ‘La Fermeté’ where lies Prye. Transformed into a Priory, it was destroyed during the Revolution. Nearby Prye was a medieval fortress, a tower and moat bear witness to its presence. Lavish marble-paneled stables were built in 1888 along with a 630 m² carousel ornated with African animal trophies. They were brought from Africa by the Village Viscount Robert du Bourg de Bozas. Today Antoine Emmanuel, his wife and their children restore and give life to this domain.
Château de Prye website.


Bazoches Castle Bazoches Castle (66 Km)

In the seventeenth century, following Italy’s example, defense is organized on city scale. Under the orders of Louis XIV, Vauban invents new types of defensive works. Vauban moved to Bazoches part of its research department. Transformed into a veritable garrison, the family castle remains no less a place of refinement. Plans and instructions Vauban issued from the main gallery were transported all over the kingdom. Three libraries contain nearly 5000 books. Vauban’s Chamber, remarkably preserved and furnished,is covered with a beautiful red brocade. The gates of the courtyard were restored with their decorations and its seventeenth century sundial. Enjoy exceptional moments, the elegance of Bazoches may be appreciated over prestige luncheons and dinners !

Bazoches Castle website.


Castle SullyChâteau de Sully (70 Km)

This domain has been built for almost 1000 years : every age has left its mark on this family home which continues to maintain a permanent life. We invite you to wander through the apartments of the castle led by one of the guides to immerse yourself in this highlight of Burgundian heritage. Sully is indeed permanently inhabited by the Duchess of Magenta and her children and its atmosphere is therefore more authentic and warm . Sully, the largest Renaissance castle in southern Burgundy, is the birthplace of Marshal MacMahon, first Duke of Magenta and former President of the French Republic..

Sully Castle website.


Commarin CastleCommarin Castle(103 Km)

Classified as historical Monument, Castle Commarin is inhabited since its inception by the same lineage. Since 2001, the Count and Countess Bertrand de Vogue, the 26th generation of owners, endeavor to perpetuate the human and lively aspect of a monument that has survived the centuries without being looted or sold. Commarin is a precious testimony on to which each century has left its imprint, while respecting the previous generations.The Castle and its grounds are both open to visitors.

Commarin Castle website .


Chateau de CouchesChâteau de Couches (82 Km)

Also known as Castle of Marguerite de Bourgogne, it occupies a vast rectangular area still surrounded by walls on three sides. At the southeast corner stands a tall tower probably built in the twelfth century and that controlled access to the original fortress. It was enriched in the fifteenth century, with a turret containing a spiral staircase. Between two round towers of the thirteenth century, the chapel,of ‘Flamboyant Gothic’ style, was built in 1460 by Claude de Montagu. This historic national monument, is part of a wineyard producing wines of Burgundy appellation Cotes-de-Couchois.

More infos on the Castle’s website.


Chateau de FaulinChâteau de Faulin (86 Km)

Built in the XIII th century ,the Château de Faulin is inhabited and can only be visited during the week-ends in July and August. It hosts a museum of technoligical innovation in the Middle-age. Some of the scenes of ‘La Grande Vadrouille’ ( a french classic starring Louis de Funès and Bourvil) were shot there .

More infos here.


Château de ChastelluxChâteau de Chastellux (72 Km)

This castle is still inhabited by the family who built it, an extremely rare phenomenon in France. The erection of the most ancient parts , such as the Saint-Jean tower, dates back to year 1080 .

Chateau de Chastellux’s website .




Château de Chateauneuf en AuxoisChâteau de Chateauneuf en Auxois (96 Km)

The Châteauneuf-en-Auxois fortress, typical of the bourguignonne military architecture of the XVth century is located at an altitude of 475m & towers over the canal de Bourgogne valley.

Chateau de Chateauneuf’s Website.


Chateau de VandenesseChâteau de Vandenesse (7 Km)

Erected in the XIVth century ,the Château de Vandenesse is inhabited and can only be admired from the outside.

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