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The 2017 News !




COMPLETE Refurbishment of the pool slide

Titanic construction started in the fall of 2016, refilling with “sauerkraut” ; Sanding of the fiberglass chute, replacement of metal tubes constituting the ladder, welding, sandblasting, anti-rust paint in a beautiful vermilion red. All we have left to do is to paint the fiberglass elements and reassemble them.

news 2017









Creation of a “hard” canopy on the terrace of the Brasserie des Bains!

These last 2 years the Clac-Boots were protected from the sun by a tarpaulin (a little flimsy) during their shows. In 2017 the shelter becomes permanent for good.
news 2017
news 2017








Two Trampolines instead of one!

For the greatest joy of the children and teens who were already big fans of the first one!
2 Trampolines !










The effort continues in the sanitary block. In 2017: the baby tub is refurbished completely

news 2017










Philippine Gastronomy

In 2017 we will offer new specialties of our chef Norie, such as Pork Houmba

news 2017
news 2016












Complete restoration of the 2 wooden cottages’ coats of paint

Travail en cours / Work in progress !
news 2017










And also: ever more decoration,
news 2017









new plantings of trees and flowers, etc.



le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf **le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf **le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf

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