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The 2018 News!




Partial renovation of our mobile homes

1 / change of all the sofas upholstery and curtains of our 4 mobile homes










2/Replacement of the blinds of our 4 mobile homes :

  • the plain ones (WC & Bathrooms)











  • And the venetian blinds (kitchens)












Partial renovation of our Gites


Restoration of the washrooms

Replacing all of the 19 bathroom closets as well as their washbasins ,lamp & mirrors

news 2018









We also replaced all the bathroom heaters of our 19 cottages with 2000w blower heaters with towel rings
news 2018










And to finish with the bathroom topic, we installed shower curtains !

rideau de douche








In the living-rooms of the 20 cottages: replacement of radiators

New radiators in lounges of cottages (radiators with dry inertia process) for a more pleasant and cheaper heating



bons CAF










Improvement of the campervan service platform

Creation of a grided channel enabling easier evacuation of “greywaters”

Dalle Camping Car










Addition of a second furnished tent

A little more capacity for this FIVE people tent
Tente meublée










Total reconstruction of the East Bridge (leading from pitch 006 to the volleyball court)










Added lighting in the 400’s zone


more light at night on pitches 401 to 416












And meanwhile, we keep on planting !

Planted in 2018 : 1 cedar , 3 budleïas (pink and purple) , 1 eleagnus et 11 japanse quince trees
a dozen de Viburnum tinus , a tiny rank of laurels in front of gite 2 & 1 rhododendron .In one month,
when the frosts become scarce, we shall start the hydrangea plantations!


le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf **le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf **le Camping les Bains est agréé Vacaf

agréé vacaf


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