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Le Parc des combes
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Theme Parks and Nightclubs



Diverti’Parc (41 Km)

A nature leisure park 100% family oriented ! Feel like running , playing , discovering , learning and having fun ?
Diverti’Parc combines poetry and biodiversity on 12 hectares (30 acres) and offers all sorts of games , Labyrinths, insight into the cows of the world , and more .


Les Z’accrochés (54 Km)

12 tree-climbing courses in the trees, , from 3 years onwards ! in Sauvigny-les-Bois


Le PAL (68 Km)

Le PAL is both a zoo and an amusement park that offers 2 types of activities.

Those of an amusement park for all ages (Mine train , Solar disc, 3D Dynamik Cinema , the Canadian Rapids, The Desert squadron … )and those of a zoological park (Elephants , Giraffes, Lions, Tigers, Hippos, Chimpanzees, Gibbons, Bears , Ostriches, …) with animal shows (Sea-lions, Parrots and birds of prey in flight) and 8 animal-feedings.



Parc des Combes (65 Km)

The Parc des Combes offers a whole range of activities in a parc of 70 hectares (173 acres). Located on the first slopes of the Morvan , it has stunning views .

There is a wide range of rollercoasters and amusement rides such as The 2 valleys train,the Nautic Jet, the summer luge, the Alpine Coaster , Déval’ Train, the ‘Vertingo’, Mississipi boats and insight into industrial history (locomotive 241P17) and geological history (Fossiloscope).






Le Phoenix (35 Km)

Night club in Decize


Dancing Retro 60′ (40 Km)

Thé dansant in Lamenay sur Loire (near Decize – 58)
Tel : 03 86 50 74 92


Le Tilt (45 Km)

Night club in Montmort (near Toulon sur Arroux – 71 )
Tel : 03 85 79 63 63



Le Bataclan (55 Km)

Night club in Diou (near Dompierre sur Besbre – 03) transformist shows, gay evenings etc.. an institution in the area !
Tel : 04 70 42 90 03


Le Daam’s (51 Km)

Night club in Autun (71)
Tel : 03 85 52 77 95