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19 to 53km


For all

The Morvan Park and its region are renowned for its many ponds and lakes nestled in the middle of nature. Here are the different places where you can take advantage of it to swim:

  • Etang Marnant at La Nocle-Maulaix (19km) Fishing. Swimming without supervision tolerated

  • Etang de la Chênaie (2Ha) in Montapas (34km) fishing possible, sandy beach.

  • Étang Grénetier (4.5Ha) at La Machine (41km) Sandy beach, supervised swimming, disabled fishing possible

  • Fleury-la-tour pond (65Ha) (31km) unsupervised swimming, fishing

  • Étang de la Goulette (2Ha) (33km) unsupervised swimming, fishing Near BIBRACTE.

  • Website Etang de Baye (74Ha) in Bazolles (37km) sailing, paddle-board  

  • Lac de Pannecière (520Ha) at Chaumard (39km) unsupervised swimming, fishing

  • Website Etang du Merle (17Ha) in Crux-la-ville (45km) pedalos and canoes Sandy beach.

  • Lac des Settons (350Ha) at Les Settons (49km) catamaran, pedal boat, supervised swimming, fishing and certain motorized water activities

  • Étang du Goulot (10Ha) in Lormes (53km) fishing, canoes  Website

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