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1 - Admission requirements

To be admitted to enter, even for a simple visit, to settle and stay on the “Camping des Bains” campsite, you must have been authorized by the manager or his representative. The manager has the obligation to ensure the proper maintenance and order of the campsite as well as compliance with the application of these rules of procedure. The fact of staying on the “Camping des Bains” campsite implies acceptance of these rules and the commitment to comply with them. Any violation may result in the expulsion of its author. In the event of serious misconduct, the manager may have recourse to the police or gendarmerie.

2 – Police formalities

Anyone wishing to stay at least one night on the “Camping des Bains” campsite must first present their identity documents to the manager or his representative, and complete the formalities required by the police. Failing this, an identity document or a passport may be left on deposit. Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed to stay on the “Camping des Bains” campsite.

3 – Setup

The pitches are only intended for leisure use to the exclusion of all industrial, commercial, craft or, in general, professional activities. The number of people residing on a plot cannot exceed the number of beds in the mobile home or chalet.

4 – Reception desk

Open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. You will find at the reception desk all the information on the services of the campsite, information on the possibilities of refueling, the tourist riches of the surroundings and various addresses which may prove useful. Complaints will only be taken into account if they are signed, dated, as precise as possible and relate to relatively recent facts.

5 - Noise and silence

- Users of the "Camping des Bains" campsite are urged to avoid any noise and discussions that could disturb their neighbours. Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly.

- Closing of doors and trunks must be as discreet as possible.

- Dogs and other animals should never be left loose. They must not be left at the campsite, even locked up, in the absence of their masters who are legally responsible for them. Under no circumstances should they cause inconvenience to the neighborhood. Pet owners must pick up their droppings and dispose of them in a trash can

-Young minors are under the supervision of their parents or any other adults who have custody of them.

-The silence must be total between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

6 – Visitors

After being authorized by the manager or his representative, visitors can be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them. Visitors' cars are prohibited in the campground. Access to the campsite is prohibited for street vendors, canvassers, walkers, picnickers, etc.

7 – Traffic and parking of vehicles

Inside the campsite, vehicles must drive at a speed limit of 10km/h. Only one vehicle is allowed per site, the other vehicles must be parked in the outdoor car park. Traffic is prohibited between midnight and 7:00 a.m. inside the campsite.

8 – Holding and appearance of the installations

Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite. It is forbidden to throw polluted water on the ground, at the foot of trees or plantations. Each pitch tenant must empty their waste water in the facilities provided for this purpose. Household waste, waste of any kind, papers must be placed in the trash cans. INTERNAL RULES 2 The campsite is equipped with showers, washbasins, washing line and dishes, it is therefore recommended not to use these stations for purposes other than those assigned to them. Parents are asked to accompany their children to the toilets. The drying of linen will be tolerated. The use of clothesline or string stretched between the trees is prohibited. The plantations and floral decorations must be respected, any degradation will be sanctioned and its authors financially responsible. It is forbidden to cut or prune trees without authorization, to drive nails into trees. No development can be carried out on the pitches without having obtained the prior written authorization of the manager.

9 – Fire Safety

Charcoal barbecues are authorized on the site, unless restricted by prefectural order or decision of the manager. Stoves should be kept in good working order and not used in hazardous conditions. In the event of a fire, notify management immediately. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary. A first aid kit and a defibrillator can be found at the reception desk. Theft The management only has a general obligation to monitor the campsite. The management cannot be considered as guardian of the mobile homes and cannot be held liable in the event of theft or damage to them. The camper retains responsibility for his own installation and must report to the manager the presence of any suspicious person.


10 - Games

No violent or disturbing game can be organized near the facilities. Children should always be under the supervision of their parents or a responsible adult. The aquatic area is reserved for residents authorized to stay, and under their own responsibility or that of those accompanying them. The manager may prohibit access to this space to any person whose behavior does not comply with the security rules.

11 - Display

These rules of procedure are displayed at the entrance to the campsite. It is given to each resident on request.

12 - Pool

• Entry to the bathing area is strictly prohibited outside opening hours. Any breach of its rules will be immediately sanctioned. • Access to the aquatic area is reserved for residents of the campsite • As the swimming pool is not supervised, parents or any other adults accompanying children remain civilly responsible for them. • It is forbidden to enter the pool area on shoes. A space provided allows you to leave your shoes at the entrance. • Babies should wear waterproof diapers. • Pets are strictly prohibited within the pool enclosure. •

13 – Image rights

During your stay on our campsite, you are likely to be photographed or filmed for the design and production of our advertising brochures or for our presentation of the campsite at the welcome drink organized every week in June and July. and August. If you are opposed you must report it in writing to the reception upon your arrival.

14 – Mail and Messages

They are deposited in the box provided for this purpose outside the reception.

15 – Violation of the rules of procedure

The manager is responsible for the order and good maintenance of the campground and the various sports or other facilities. In the event that a resident disturbs the stay of other users, does not comply with the provisions of these regulations or causes damage of any kind, the manager or his representative may give notice to the latter to cease the disturbances. In the event of a serious or repeated violation of the rules of procedure and after formal notice, by the manager or his representative, to comply with them, the latter may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offence, the manager or his representative may call on the police.

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